Considering a Dutchess County Investment Property? Consider This.

Posted by Josh Friedman // May 14, 2018

Dutchess County Investment Property

There are more and more people that are interested in owning a Dutchess County investment property.  Many popular television shows display the positives and negatives of owning investment real estate. Currently, buying a Dutchess County investment property can be beneficial and even more cost-effective than in years past.  Many people are able to get a […]

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4 Steps to Receiving a Mortgage With Bad Credit

Posted by Josh Friedman // May 7, 2018

Bad Credit

So many people are looking to jump into Rockland homeownership. With rising rent prices, a mortgage is sometimes the cheaper option, depending on the area. However, many potential Rockland buyers are faced with the hard fact that their credit is less than good. In fact, many potential buyers have downright bad credit. Thankfully, all hope […]

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Ulster County Home Sellers: These Simple Mistakes Will Cost You

Posted by Josh Friedman // April 30, 2018

Ulster County Home Sellers

Ulster County home sellers quickly realize that successfully selling a home depends on several factors falling into place at the right time. Because there are a number of moving parts to every transaction, this means that there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. However, with some work and preparation, smart Ulster County […]

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How Overpricing Can Ruin Your Dutchess County Home Sale

Posted by Josh Friedman // April 23, 2018

Dutchess County Home Sale

We understand – you are attached to your Dutchess County house. You have created the perfect kitchen for your needs, your backyard is optimized for hosting, while spa-like master bedroom provides the ideal retreat. This kind of love can ruin your Dutchess County home sale. When you have spent years lovingly devoted to your Dutchess […]

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Steps for Rockland Home Sellers to Increase Resale Value

Posted by Josh Friedman // April 16, 2018

Rockland Home Sellers

The little things Rockland home sellers do quickly add up when it comes to selling your home for a price that works for you. And since everything counts and Rockland home sellers have only so much time and money to invest, how do you know what steps to take? If you as Rockland home sellers […]

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How to Mess Up Selling an Ulster County Home

Posted by Josh Friedman // April 9, 2018

Selling an Ulster County Home

When you are selling an Ulster County home, there’s a lot on the line.  Money, time and frustration can all fluctuate depending on some moves you make during the selling process.   Because of all of this pressure, there are plenty of things that could go wrong when selling an Ulster County  home. To help […]

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How to Survive a Seller’s Market

Posted by Josh Friedman // April 2, 2018

Seller’s Market

Finding your dream Dutchess County house at any time can be a challenge.  But house hunting during a Dutchess County seller’s market adds an entirely different level of difficult. This is what potential buyers are going through right now. When the supply of Dutchess County homes is low but plenty of buyers are out there, […]

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How to Prepare for the Home Inspection

Posted by Josh Friedman // March 26, 2018

Home Inspection

Getting to the point of having a home under contract is a big step. But now you are at the make it or break it point: a home inspection. Most of the time, the home inspection is a contingency written into offers.  It means that if the Ulster County buyers aren’t happy with the inspection, […]

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Rockland Buyers: Your Passive Investments Still Require Some Work

Posted by Josh Friedman // March 19, 2018

Passive Investments

Passive investments are great, right? You just throw your money into someone else’s project and let them handle it. Maybe it is a limited partnership or a syndication. The important part is that they will do all of the work while your investment grows, right? Unfortunately, that is wrong. Passive investments do not mean that […]

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Should Dutchess County Home Sellers Use Home Staging?

Posted by Josh Friedman // March 12, 2018

Home Staging

Home staging is often recommended to potential Dutchess County sellers, but does spending more to sell your home make sense?  While the idea of spending more money might seem counterintuitive at first glance, the answer is simple: staging your Dutchess County home can get you more money for your home sale. The data is clear. […]

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