Steps for Rockland Home Sellers to Increase Resale Value

Steps for Rockland Home Sellers to Increase Resale Value

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Rockland Home SellersThe little things Rockland home sellers do quickly add up when it comes to selling your home for a price that works for you. And since everything counts and Rockland home sellers have only so much time and money to invest, how do you know what steps to take?

If you as Rockland home sellers want to sell your home fast at the price you want, consider these steps to help get you there.

Pack, Trash or Donate

Homes have a tendency to collect stuff. Usually it is a “lot of stuff.” So one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways for home sellers to get their home ready for sale is start to attacking.

When you are decluttering your Rockland home, home sellers will want to be ruthless in their actions. If you are planning on saving an item, start packing it. This will help to both clean the house immediately while also giving you head start on your move.

If an item is no longer necessary, make a pile to donate. Again, this action produces two benefits: thinning out your Rockland home while also doing some good.

And lastly, if you are not taking it with you and it cannot be donated, stop hanging on to it and throw it away. Homes accumulate plenty of trashable items when they have been lived in for an extended amount of time. Stop holding on to things you do not need so you can start taking steps to get your home sold.

Set the Stage

Home staging has been shown to both increase the resale value for Rockland home sellers while also reducing the time on the market. But you have to be prepared to do it correctly.

Once your Rockland home has been thoroughly cleaned and decluttered, arrange the rooms in a way that maximizes your home’s appeal. If it is within your budget, it can often be a smart investment to work with a professional home stager. These pros tend to have an eye for making a home flow from room to room, which can help seal the deal with a potential buyer.

Focus on Kitchen & Bath

When it comes to increasing resale value, Rockland home sellers will want to focus on the two most important rooms in the home: the kitchen and bathroom. Studies have shown that home sellers can increase resale value by as much as 7% through renovation.

But if a renovation is not in your budget, there are still steps you can take. Home sellers should apply a fresh coat of paint. By choosing a neutral palette, home sellers can maximize the appeal of the work. This blank slate will help buyers to easily visualize themselves living in the home.

Maximize the First Impression

As with most things in life, first impressions matter when it comes to a home sale. And this impression begins as soon as the buyer pulls up to the home.

If your curb appeal presents an unkempt yard, a jerry-rigged mailbox and burned out lights, you are inviting your buyers to keep on driving. If the homeowners don’t take the time to maintain the outside, what else could they be neglecting?

For this reason Rockland home sellers will want to make sure that the curb appeal makes buyers want to see what’s on the inside. Clean up the yard, make sure the walkways are clear and check on your exterior lighting.

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