Mistakes Your Mortgage Lender Does NOT Want to See

Posted by Josh Friedman // March 5, 2018

Mortgage Lender

Buying an Ulster County house can be a difficult process.  Many Ulster County buyers find the process time consuming, stressful and downright confusing.  During this process, many buyers make mistakes in the eyes of the mortgage lender that can cost them their loan. When working with a lender, Ulster County home buyers will want to […]

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A Checklist for Selling Your Ulster County Home

Posted by Josh Friedman // February 26, 2018

Selling Your Ulster County Home

The to-do list is endless when you’re selling your Ulster County home. Perform touch-ups, fix minor issues, stage the house, photograph, market, and so.  It’s completely understandable that things fall between the cracks. To help set Ulster County sellers up for success, here are the essential steps to take when you’re selling your Ulster County […]

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Dutchess County Home Sellers: How Long til “Sold”?

Posted by Josh Friedman // February 19, 2018

Dutchess County Home Sellers

Timing is everything for Dutchess County home sellers when trying to sell your home.  After the for sale sign is in the front yard you don’t want to wait around forever for an offer.  But if you still need to find your new dream house, you might not want it to sell in a day, […]

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The FIRST Step for Rockland Home Buyers

Posted by Josh Friedman // February 12, 2018

Rockland Home Buyers

Are you ready to become Rockland home buyers? While it is an exciting time, it takes a little advance planning to do it right. You want to end up enjoying the process and not overly frustrated. To that end, here are the steps home buyers need to take before you buy. Confirm Your Credit If […]

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Why Rockland Sellers Will Want to Move Fast When Selling a House in 2018

Posted by Josh Friedman // February 5, 2018

Selling a House

Anyone considering selling a house in 2018 should start the process as soon as possible. It will prove to be a great time for selling a Rockland house. The housing market is currently favoring sellers, and buyers are scrambling to make purchases. The beginning of the year is going to be the best time to […]

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Watch Out for THESE Issues When Buying a Dutchess County Home

Posted by Josh Friedman // January 29, 2018

Buying a Dutchess County Home

Buying a Dutchess County home is hard enough without having to deal with sneaky sellers trying to hide the deferred maintenance of their homes.  And if they are hiding small issues, what are the bigger problems that you are not aware of? If you’re a Dutchess County buyer, remain on alert as you take a […]

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Working with the 1031 Exchange: A Strategy Every Serious Ulster County Real Estate Investor Needs To Know

Posted by Josh Friedman // January 22, 2018

1031 Exchange

Congress is making drastic changes to taxes, and keeping informed is the best to make sure you’re poised to take advantage of those changes. One of the most powerful, but least known about tax advantaged investment tools for Ulster County real estate investors or owners, is the 1031 exchange. While some tax shelters and plans […]

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How Rockland Sellers Can Identify the Right Buyer for Your Home

Posted by Josh Friedman // January 15, 2018

Rockland Sellers

When you decide to sell your home, Rockland sellers want to reach the largest audience of potential buyers that are a match for your property. Understanding who your buyers are and how you can appeal to their needs will ultimately help you negotiate the best price for your Rockland home. Rockland sellers may only get […]

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5 Areas to Focus on When Buying Dutchess County Real Estate

Posted by Josh Friedman // January 8, 2018

Dutchess County Real Estate

Investing in Dutchess County real estate is an investment in someone’s time, money, and energy. An investor must be actively involved in all parts of the process. This includes thing such as choosing an area, purchasing a property, finding a tenant, and maintaining the property until it is sold. Making smart decisions and planning the […]

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Received an Ulster County Pre-Foreclosure Notice: What Now?

Posted by Josh Friedman // January 1, 2018

Ulster County Pre-Foreclosure

An Ulster County  pre-foreclosure notice is the final warning from a lender that an Ulster County  homeowner needs to get their finances in order. With an Ulster County  pre-foreclosure, the homeowner is already at least two or even three months behind on their mortgage, and the bank is starting the process to foreclose on the […]

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