A Checklist for Selling Your Ulster County Home

A Checklist for Selling Your Ulster County Home

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Selling Your Ulster County HomeThe to-do list is endless when you’re selling your Ulster County home. Perform touch-ups, fix minor issues, stage the house, photograph, market, and so.  It’s completely understandable that things fall between the cracks.

To help set Ulster County sellers up for success, here are the essential steps to take when you’re selling your Ulster County home.

Utilize Google

Googling an address is one of the first things potential Ulster County buyers do when looking at a house. For this reason, it should also be one of the first things you do as well.

Be aware of what your online listing looks like, since it will influence the kinds of concerns buyers will have.  Make sure websites’ estimated value is close to your asking price. The tax records might have the wrong information, so make sure they are accurate.

Sellers will also want to take a look at Google Maps’ street view of your Ulster County property.  It may not show improvements that you’ve made, so you’ll want to be sure to include those updates in your listing.

Start Scrubbing

Be prepared: Ulster County buyers are going to open everything. And since storage is a big selling point in a house, buyers will open closets, drawers, cabinets, ovens, refrigerators, and even the dishwasher.  

Make sure they are all clean.  If you can’t do it yourself, spending the money on a service to deep-clean your home will come back to you at least 10 times in your sales price.

Small Things Matter

The little details matter.  Lack of little cosmetic repairs could cost you your Ulster County home sale. You want your home to come off like it has been well maintained.  If buyers notice that you can’t fix a little detail like a broken doorbell, they’re going to think other things may be neglected in the house. It’s all about first impressions.

Highlight Your Work

Make a list of all the problems you’ve fixed while you’ve been in the Ulster County home. This could include a flood in the basement or other such issues.  It doesn’t matter if you fixed the problem or not, but always disclose this information to the buyer. If you don’t, you could wind up in a lawsuit after the sale.

Pointing out other improvements that you might not see can also be a great source of comfort for buyers. For example, steps like radon remediation will save buyers money in the future.

Be Active on Social Media

Your Ulster County house is staged beautifully.  It’s listed for a competitive price. But there’s something else you’ll need to prepare before you’re fully ready to sell: your marketing plan.

A social media marketing plan including video tours, floor plans, and photo galleries promoted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a must.  

Make sure that you are using every tool available to help attract a buyer for your Ulster County house.

Be Upfront with What’s Included

If the custom window treatments aren’t included when selling your Ulster County  home, let the potential buyers know. You don’t want a buyer to rescind their offer when they find out something they love about the house isn’t included in the sale.  Check with local laws, but typically anything bolted to the wall or ceiling goes to the buyer unless specifically excluded in the contract.

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