How Buying the Best House in the Neighborhood Can Hurt Rockland Home Buyers

Posted by Josh Friedman // December 25, 2017

Rockland Home Buyers

Rockland home buyers do start out looking for a “bad house.” Instead, most Rockland home buyers are looking for a house they can move into quickly and does not require a number of weekend projects. On the flip side, a Rockland home that stands out above the rest of the neighborhood can be tempting for […]

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Dutchess County Home Staging Mistakes

Posted by Josh Friedman // December 18, 2017

Home Staging

Home staging is an important step when selling a Dutchess County home.  Studies have shown that a staged home can sell much quicker than an un-staged home.  While using a professional to help with your Dutchess County home staging can be great if you have the budget, this is also something that can be done […]

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Understanding Ulster County Mortgage Options

Posted by Josh Friedman // December 11, 2017

Ulster County Mortgage

When most buyers think of an Ulster County mortgage they think of a traditional mortgage, one that has a fixed rate for 30 years. That is the mortgage that people have been using for years. However, there are other options available. Depending on your situation, an alternative Ulster County mortgage may be the best fit […]

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Rockland Foreclosure and Repossession How Do They Differ

Posted by Josh Friedman // December 4, 2017

Rockland Foreclosure

No matter the circumstance, a repossession and a Rockland foreclosure of a property is an unfortunate situation. These situations both stem from a Rockland property owner being unable to make adequate payments on their bills, causing the bank to take possession of the property. While these two terms are very similar, they are not the […]

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11 Point Checklist for First-Time Dutchess County Homebuyers

Posted by Josh Friedman // November 27, 2017

Dutchess County Homebuyers

Dutchess County homebuyers looking to purchase a house for the first time should be wary. It is a large investment, and many people go to a lender unprepared. If you are serious about making the step to become Dutchess County, do not overlook these eleven key points in the home buying process. Houses for Sale […]

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Use These Flipper Pro Tips to Sell Your Ulster County Home Fast

Posted by Josh Friedman // November 20, 2017

Sell Your Ulster County Home

As a home seller, you have one goal: to sell your Ulster County home fast. Of course, some Ulster County houses will sell faster than others. But as Ulster County sellers, you want to take every advantage that you have to sell your Ulster County home as fast as possible. To get started, here are […]

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How to Research a Rockland House Before You Buy It

Posted by Josh Friedman // November 13, 2017

Rockland House

Many buyers are aware that they need to complete “due diligence” before they purchase a Rockland house, but fail to know exactly what that means. It simply means doing some research to find out anything you need to know about the Rockland house before purchasing it to remove any surprises from popping up down the […]

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How to Keep Negotiations Moving During a Dutchess County Real Estate Transaction

Posted by Josh Friedman // November 6, 2017

Dutchess County Real Estate

We live in a country that is not familiar with the process of negotiating. We tend to pay full-price when we are looking to buy something, or we scour online for a sale. But we aren’t used to going back and forth with the seller to try to lower the price. So when we start […]

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What Every Ulster County Homebuyer Needs to Know About Writing a Contingent Offer

Posted by Josh Friedman // October 30, 2017

Contingent Offer

If you are ready to buy a new Ulster County house, it can be incredibly stressful if you still need to sell your current house. If you don’t want to end up making two mortgage payments, you might be thinking of placing an offer on the house you want to buy and making it contingent […]

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How to Show Off Your Rockland House During the Appraisal

Posted by Josh Friedman // October 23, 2017

Rockland House

The moment when you receive an offer is very exciting. As much as you are ready to get the process finished, there are several steps that still need to be completed. One of them is the Rockland home appraisal. If the appraiser does not appraise the Rockland house for enough, then your offer could fall […]

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