Dutchess County Home Staging Mistakes

Dutchess County Home Staging Mistakes

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Home StagingHome staging is an important step when selling a Dutchess County home.  Studies have shown that a staged home can sell much quicker than an un-staged home.  While using a professional to help with your Dutchess County home staging can be great if you have the budget, this is also something that can be done by home sellers.

To be successful, home staging will require some planning. However, it does not have to require a lot of money.  If you are planning on staging your Dutchess County home, beware of the following mistakes.

Over Staging

Just like with Goldilocks, there is a “right” amount of home staging to employ. Not too little but not too much.

When preparing your Dutchess County home staging you might feel like you need to have every room perfect in order to sell. However, this is not always the case.

While the entire house does need to be clean, there is no need to stage every room.  The important rooms – kitchen, master bedroom, and bathrooms – are where Dutchess County sellers should focus.

Spaces like guest rooms or office spaces, do not necessarily need to be staged either.  These rooms can be left unstaged to allow the potential buyers to see their own belongings in the area.  By creating a blank canvas, sellers allow potential buyers to imagine the possibilities the house has.

The “Lived In” Look

The biggest home staging mistake Dutchess County home sellers make is leaving their personal items out.  Potential buyers are not big fans of walking through a Dutchess County home that feels like it is “live in.”

For this reason, all personal items, like photos, should be packed away.  Items that could be controversial or overly political are best hidden from sight.  If possible, these items should be put into a storage unit so they are not cluttering up the closets.

The idea of Dutchess County home staging is to allow the buyer the ability to envision living there.  With personal belongings in the home the buyer is going to feel like they are visiting someone’s home instead of viewing their potential home.

Creating Clutter

There is a fine line between “decorating” and “cluttering” a house. This is why you must take the time to research and be thoughtful about your Dutchess County home staging techniques.

Start by picking decorations that actually complement the room that they are in. It can help to concentrate on the items that people aspire to have in their homes when guests come over.  For example, put out cutting boards and utensils in a holder to make the kitchen appear ready to be used.  Use towels to create appeal.  And consider adding fresh fruit to a bowl on the counter or table for welcoming feel.

You will also want the bathroom to smell good, but not be overwhelming. Light a scented candle or use some potpourri. Buyers love a “spa” like feel, so if you can create, you should.

When selling a Dutchess County home, sellers will want to utilize every tool at their disposal. Because home staging has been shown to provide a solid return on investment, sellers would be smart to take advantage.

Whether with a professional or DIY, the bottom line is that the Dutchess County house needs to be clean, clutter-free, and inviting.  A little décor goes a long way in welcoming your potential buyers and closing the deal.

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