Ulster County Home Sellers: These Simple Mistakes Will Cost You

Ulster County Home Sellers: These Simple Mistakes Will Cost You

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Ulster County Home SellersUlster County home sellers quickly realize that successfully selling a home depends on several factors falling into place at the right time. Because there are a number of moving parts to every transaction, this means that there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong.

However, with some work and preparation, smart Ulster County home sellers can put themselves in a position to succeed. Doing so requires that you understand what hurdles might present themselves and then proactively working to stop them from arising.  

With that in mind, here some of the most common selling mistakes that cost Ulster County sellers big time.

Avoiding Taking Care of the Property

Selling an Ulster County home is a process which can span the course of months and coincide with other potential pitfalls. And if home sellers are not prepared for the long haul, they could find themselves ill-prepared to handle one of the simplest items on the selling checklist: maintaining the property.

Ulster County home sellers need to understand that it could take some time to close a deal. This means that you must have a plan for and make a commitment to performing regular maintenance.

To avoid this simple misstep, home sellers will want to concentrate on creating a plan for three main areas of home maintenance: the yard, debris, and the home’s HVAC systems.

Step 1: Maintaining the Yard

Home sellers who recognize that maintaining curb appeal is just as important as creating it will be thankful for the insight. However, if you do not plan on maintaining the curb appeal, it is likely that all your work in creating will have been for nothing.

When selling an Ulster County home, you must think of the process as a marathon, not a spring. That means that the front of the house needs to look good for more than just a week or two; home sellers must make sure that the front yard looks perfect up until the sale is complete.

Step 2: Removing Any and All Debris

Another piece of the property maintenance plan is addressing any and all debris that has accumulated in the yard. By “debris” we mean everything from tree branches, to broken birdbaths to odds and ends from last year’s home improvement project.

But however you want to define “debris” as, the action the same: all eyesores and obstructions need to be cleared away. The last thing home sellers want is a property that looks like you do not care. This will set the expectation for the rest of your Ulster County home, so you want it to be as positive as possible.

Step 3: Checking the Home’s HVAC Systems

Even though this step is the least obvious of the above, it does not mean it is any less important. It is easy for HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) units and electrical grids to fall into the “out of sight and out of mind” category – especially for home sellers who are not living on the property – but these systems require constant maintenance.

To avoid dealing with emergency scenarios brought on by HVAC malfunctions, perform weekly checkups to ensure things are in working order. While this step might be time-consuming, it can be much cheaper than a deal falling through due to a burst pipe or worse.

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