How to Mess Up Selling an Ulster County Home

How to Mess Up Selling an Ulster County Home

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Selling an Ulster County HomeWhen you are selling an Ulster County home, there’s a lot on the line.  Money, time and frustration can all fluctuate depending on some moves you make during the selling process.  

Because of all of this pressure, there are plenty of things that could go wrong when selling an Ulster County  home. To help you avoid some common missteps, here are ways Ulster County home sellers really mess up their prospects.

Priced Too High

Some people have unrealistic expectations of the Ulster County market and price too high.  Even when you’re in a seller’s market you should set a reasonable listing price for your house.

Lots of times, an emotional attachment to the property can have sellers overestimate the value of their house. Sometimes, Ulster County sellers overprice as a sales’ tactic. People price high because they want room to negotiate.  

But that risky strategy can backfire and you might be left with no offers.  

Make sure to set the right asking price for your house.  Perform a comparative market analysis so as to have access to the most recent Ulster County market info.  This is a process that assesses the values of nearby houses by comparing it to similar properties that have recently sold.

Bad Pics

If you don’t have good listing photos when selling an Ulster County home you may have trouble even getting buyers in the door. This is why it’s always worth hiring a professional real estate photographer to take your pictures instead of trying to do them yourself on your smartphone.

Real estate photographers are usually not too expensive. A basic shoot can cost between $95 and $300.  But the payoff can be huge. It has been shown that professionally photographed homes sell faster and for more money than homes listed with point-and-shoot cameras.

Bad Home Repairs

You may have to do some repairs before listing your house. DIY’ing repairs yourself can save you money, but if you aren’t doing it correctly, you may create more expensive problems if you make mistakes.

Hiring a handyman may be worth the price depending on the nature of the work. Plumbing and electrical issues should always be handled by a licensed professional.  These are major undertakings where you don’t want to make things worse or injure yourself.

You Stayed for Showings

Want to know what’s a huge turnoff?  The seller hanging around during showings.  

Even if you don’t say anything to the buyer, it’s just awkward.  Buyers just don’t feel comfortable and won’t take the time to really open all of the doors if they are there.  

But there’s an easy solution: just leave your agent at the house and get out during showings.  You’ll be glad you did.

You Didn’t Disclose

Not disclosing any flaws you’re aware of could come back to haunt you. It is also illegal in some areas so it might even expose you to a lawsuit.  

Make sure you fess up to Ulster County home buyers on any issues you’re aware of.  Everything should be given to the home buyers in a document known as the property disclosure statement.

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